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Culligan Gold Series Whole House Filter

Home Water Filtration Systems

Does your water look hazy? Relax you don’t have to ignore that stinky water syndrome anymore. With a Culligan Home Filtration system you can experience the benefits of professionally treated water all over the house.

With solutions designed to suit your home’s specific needs, whole home filtration solves taste and odor problems, like chlorine or sulfur contamination, dissolved iron, and scale buildup while contributing to cost savings with longer-lasting plumbing and appliances that help reduce utility costs.

By listening to your concerns with your problem water, Culligan of North Texas can evaluate what direction would be best for you. All Culligan filters are customized to handle each specific need.

The Culligan Gold Series Whole House Filter uses exclusive Culligan technology to deliver superior water filtration solutions:

  • Filtr-Cleer Filter reduces dirt, clay, silt, and other sediments that create cloudy, dirty water.

  • Cullar Water Filter reduces aesthetic chlorine taste and odor in water.

  • Cullneu Water Filter neutralizes acidic water to prevent corrosion to plumping, fixtures, and appliances.

  • Large-capacity tank ensures a never-ending supply of cleaner, filtered water.

  • One-inch control valve optimizes water pressure throughout your home.

  • Non-corrosive control valve is designed to deliver years of reliable service.

  • Accusoft Microprocessor offers worry-free operation of your whole-house filter, even in power outages.

  • CUL-FLO-VALV makes operation easy.

  • Guest Cycle recharge option generates an extra supply of filtered water with the touch of a button.

  • Quadra-Hull Tank delivers dependable operation thanks to multiple layers of construction.

Tip from Culligan of North Texas

Culligan filters are certified by NSF International, so you can rest assured that the filter will function as advertised throughout the manufacture’s recommended life.

Matching customer’s needs to products and services helps ensure satisfactory results. Please view just some of our most popular options.